Thursday, March 15, 2007

Full of Primas!

Hi, Ladies, looks like I was able to resolve things and will be getting all of our flowers early next week. The first shipment will hopefully arrive tomorrow (*fingers double crossed*)when they come, I will be able to send all of the group 1 swaps out ! j
it looks like we are getting the press n' petals and daisies early next week.

I have an extra 12 bags of assorted primas- hydrangaes, got flowers (studio 24), quick pick essentials 2 (see pics) etc. and would like to sell them for $34 (plus shipping). you will get the equivalent to 4 containers of assorted primas in a bag. Let me know if you are interested or know someone who is. thanks again for joining my swap. I will be listing a dotted organdy and gingham ribbon swap shortly- trying to get pics from the supplier. You can email me at with any questions......
Half of the flowers came yesterday and are bagged and ready to go ... Just waiting for the rest and the extras....
PS If you missed out and may like to participate next time, email me at
1. Krista Larsson PAID! Mailed
2. Karen Cappern PAID! Mailed
3. Alison SnowPAID! Mailed
4. Carrie Gaskin PAID! Received!
5. Melanie Wainman PAID! Mailed
6. Maureen Pollock Picking up this week
7.Karen Simmers PAID! Mailed
8. Diana Crick PAID! Picking up
9. Deanna Dancey PAID! Mailed
10. Rachael Gubbels PAID! Mailed
11. Stacey Barrows PAID! Mailed
12. Stephanie Van Herksen PAID! received


Tracy.H said...

I received my Primas today! Thank you so much, Janet! I can not wait to 'play'. :0)

Nancy said...

My Primas arrived! My Primas arrived!!!! The baggies don't look like much, but once I started filling a full-sized Mason Jar... WOWEE!!!!! It's full of such pretty flowers! Thanks Janet!

Gail said...

I got my Primas!! Woohoo!! I am in love and can't wait to start using them!! Thank you Janet!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janet! Got my Primas today and I can't wait to use them.


Kristine said...

Hi Janet!

I don't know which group I'm in, or if I'm just an "extra", but I'm excited and anxious to receive my polka-dotted ribbon and primas. Will I get an email or update when you've shipped?? :o) Hope you had a great Easter weekend.