Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thanks Tara! I have been tagged! I must list 7 things about myself and then tag 7 of my favourite bloggers who are expected to do the same:

1. I love my amazing children, Jayden and Talia more than life itself.....
2. I am married to the loveliest man in the world, Georg.
3. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.
4. I am a Stampin Up demo and I also represent Epicure Selections, hence, theSeasoned Stamper....
5. I am a very loyal friend. There is nothing I won't do for my girls ;)
6. I love reading and writing poetry as well.
7. I spend WAY TOOO MUCH money on scrapbooking and paper crafting items!

Now, for the good part: Tag you are it! I am tagging the following people:


1 comment:

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing. Hehehe I have to say I knew most of your 7 things;) I am also happy to be able to say your my friend!