Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hi Everyone, the ribbon is in transit via UPS and I am hoping to get it all in the mail within 72 hours of receiving it.... Thanks to everyone who participated- you will not be dissappointed.

As well, I am proposing a new share. It is for the Prima Chip board letter sets shown above: you will get a full set of each in the cute alterable container... the cost is $25 for one of each set.... the ones above are: brown sugar, raisin and spearmint.... CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

Next, there will be a Big Box of Blooms share... again, you will get all 3 varieties in the boxes for $25. (this is Canadian :)

Next, is the Isabelle's secret share. For $32 you will get 3bras and 3 pairs of panties.. see the pictures above. My LSS retails these ones for 7.50 a pack and then of course taxes on top of that..... you are saving quite a bit... plus I have only seen these at one store.... and I shop around.

Essentials 2 are beautiful large flowers.... for $32 you get a full box of each one or for $18 you get a half box of each one..... (this is the inset with the four rectangle boxes... they are gorgeous!)

Lastly, will be the accents share. these are the tins with all the little bits and pieces. there are over 175 items in each tin including brads, rhinestones, buttons, flowers and ricrac. these will be 3 tins for $36 and they will be the top 3 diagonally or the bottom 3. I will allow you to choose on a first come first serve basis... but really you cannot go wrong.

Email me with any questions...

Sorry all the pics are together... I have not figured out how to move them, so if anyone knows, please advise me... :)
Please contact me with any questions.....


Splashryan said...

Hi Janet,
You have been officially tagged!
Check my blog entry for April 23rd for details on what you need to do!

Happy Blogging

Alexandra said...

Those bra and panties are soooo cute if I would use more flowers in my scrapbook I would DEFINATELY get some

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I got my ribbon this week!! It's awesome!!!